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Islands of Dalmatia: Vis - Excursions and private tours

Islands of Dalmatia: Vis

Vis – Issa, on island with same name, was the first organized state and the first ancient Adriatic town, established by Greeks in the 4th century B.C, protected by the city walls of which a small part still remain.

The unique atmosphere, beautiful in all seasons, with palaces and villas where many famous people have grown and left for all times cultural heritage of their works.


FERRY FROM SPLIT approx. 2,5 Hours
SPEED BOAT approx. 1,5 hours


The islet of Biševo is famous for its Plavac Mali quality wine, its beautiful sandy beaches and for the Modra špilja (Blue cave). The cave can be entered by paddle boat. The other aperture on the south side of the cave is located below sea level and sunlight infiltrates through it producing the characteristic blue colour, and objects are reflected with silver. The Modra špilja (Blue cave) is a great tourist and divers attraction.


KOMIŠKA POGAČA - grilled sardines, freshly caught and uncleaned grilled squid, baked tomatoes, aubergines and courgettes, dried, salted and smoked fish, beans and pasta (minestrone), marinated grilled fish or octopus balls and Vis' grill.

All of the local attractions are provided with certificated onsite partners (guides, restaurants and other) and can be done upon your request (tailor-made).
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