Varazdin - Excursions and private tours

Varazdin - Excursions and private tours

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Within the relatively small area of the Old Town are preserved palaces, important public buildings, Baroque, Rococo, Classicist and Secessionist houses and villas and one of the oldest City Halls in Europe. The richness of the religious heritage tells another story about Varaždin as a city of bell towers which its inhabitants have strived for centuries to build. The angels that adorn alters, walls and paintings will appreciate every glance they receive. Varaždinska feudal fortress, from ancient times called Old Town, the most important historical buildings of Varazdin. It is the center of aristocratic estate, owner and legally separate from the free royal town of Varazdin. The present fort was built of 14 to 19 the century.

Varaždin cemetery was established in 1773, and in 1905, Herman Haller began to arrange about 7,000 cypress, maple, ash, red beech, boxes, magnolia and birch. Clipping Thuja in geometrical bodies made the cemetery more similar to the French fleet. One of the most valuable monuments in the Varaždin cemetery is the "Angel of Death", the work of Sculptor Robert Frangeš Mihanović, which symbolically shows the farewell of the living with the dead. Varaždin cemetery is an outstanding example of landscape architecture and natural monuments. It is an ideal, restful place for visitors due to the botanic composition of birch, flowers, grass and tall cypress trees, which allows for the delicate play of light and shadow...

From Zagreb km/miles 88/54approx. 1,5 Hours
From Poreč/Rovinjkm/miles 334/207approx. 4 Hours
From Splitkm/miles 493/306approx. 5 Hours
From Zadarkm/miles 370/229approx. 4 Hours
From Ljubljanakm/miles 175/108approx. 3 Hours
From Dubrovnikkm/miles 754/468approx. 11,5 Hours
From Rijekakm/miles 250/155approx. 3 Hours

Traditional Varaždin cuisine was influenced by Austria and Hungary, but during historical migrations other modifications and innovations that enriched it were introduced. Traditional dishes from the Varaždin area generally consist of a few simple ingredients, of which the most commonly used is wheat and corn flour in the famous Varaždin "klipič", "mlinci", "štrukli" and "zlevanka".

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