Attractions in Croatia

What is usually the highlight of our holidays?

Always something else... Things we saw for the first time, special locations, celebrations,  festivals,  food or drink that taste different, entertainment of any kind that will become your own experience.

If you have a guide, you'll see a lot..but if you have a tip then every guide will do the best to give you the best and you will remember your holidays as the line of amazing attractions!

Let’s start with our attraction tips

Plitvice Lakes - the first choice of every tourist in Croatia
Plitvice Lakes - national park – the first choice of every tourist in Croatia

Sixteen magical lakes, Upper and Lower lakes, multitude of cascades and bubbling waterfalls are perfect image of nature that has been built for more then thousand years. Plitvice lakes as part of Dinaric karst area and due to its specific geology, geomorphology and hydrology is one of the most impressive karst entities in the world.

The true beauty of the untouched nature will definitely leave you breathless. Plitvice Lakes are the first choice of every tourist in Croatia.

Don’t miss it!

Attractions are what make your journey different and unique.

Wine and gastro tours to Ilok, Slavonia
15th century cellar where lies the best Traminer

Famous old cellar Stari podrum dates from 15 th century and was established by Duke family Odescalchi, situated on the mere bank of Danube, in the medieval centre of the town of Ilok. Cellars from the 15th and 18th century are situated on the banks of magnificent river Danube on the East, while on the South vast vineyards are stretched. There is an arranged wine tasting room, a wine and souvenir sale, as well as certain amount precious archive of Traminer, Welschriesling, Rheinriesling, Pinot Blanc.
The whole picture of impressions is completed with the gold awarded Ilok Traminer, with its specific flavor and bouquet.

You have to taste it!

Historic gastro tour through Zagorje
Birth place of Ex Yugoslav dictator Tito and the authentic ethno village of Zagorje and the Croatian anthem sculpture

You must have heard of late Yugoslav president that ruled dictatorially till his death in May 1980. One of very interesting things you can see it’s village Kumrovec where he was born and his home. In the socialism here were held many political courses, but even at that time, Tito’s village were one of the must see in ex Yugoslavia. This really beautiful ethno village represents the expression of life in those small houses and surroundings. Just a few miles/ kilometers away, as a opposite point of view of Kumrovec that represents Yugoslavia, is Zelenjak and it’s monument as omaggio to the place where late author of Croatian anthem wrote "Our Beautiful Homeland".

That’s the story you gonna tell your friends.

Gastro tour and visit to medieval castle Trakošćan
Trakoscan – the word you probably can’t pronounce but it’s the best preserved castle in Croatia

The castle Trakošćan was built in the 13th century and is a real cultural heritage, extremely well preserved, together with it's forest park and lake. It was was named after the Thracian fortress. Thracians are ancient indo-european tribes that moved to eastern Europe to settle. But there is another story that says that Trakoščan got his name after the knights Drachenstein. They, supposedly, ruled the region in the early Middle Ages. Today the castle is owned by the Republic of Croatia and in 1954 was established as a museum with a permanent exhibition.

Oh, you have to see it for sure

Varazdin and its famous cemetery
Varazdin and its famous cemetery

An outstanding example of landscape architecture and natural monuments begun to look like today more then hundred years ago, when Herman Haller began to arrange about 7,000 cypress, maple, ash, red beech, boxes, magnolia and birch. The monument "Angel of Death" symbolically shows the farewell of the living with the dead is the work of Sculptor Robert Frangeš Mihanović.

Old Town of Varaždin is great town to see and to walk around enjoying Baroque, Rococo, Classicist and Secessionist houses and villas as well as one of the oldest City Halls in Europe. It’s the city of bell towers and angels... like Anđelinjak or Angels nest.

You must see it for yourself!

The Krapina Neanderthal museum
The Krapina Neanderthal museum

The Krapina Neanderthal museum opened on February 27, 2010. seeks to attract new audiences, offering closer view to life of Neanderthals focused on Stone Age inhabitants who lived in this area. Many people are not familiar with this topic, but this museum is located near Hušnjakovo finding site which is one of the most important Paleo-anthropological world sights.

The best thing about the museum is an interesting approach to the subject as it introduces us with life and culture of prehistoric people. In the appearance of the museum they managed to combine brand new architecture still providing us a experience of the Stone Age.

Prehistoric Tour

The Blue Cave on Island Biševo
The Blue Cave on Island Biševo

The Blue Cave located on easter side of island Biševo is Croatian attraction which hypnotizes you with its mesmerizing beauty. Cave has two openings and one is illuminated by sunlight. Many tourists compare it to Blue Grotto in Capri often considering it the most beautiful sea cave. Cave is suitable for divers and if you are not interested in diving there is a wide island's food and wine delights.

Biševo Blue Cave Tour

Green Cave on island Ravnik
Green Cave on Island Ravnik

The Green Cave located on Island Ravnik has two inputs and top opening which provides sunlight to illuminate the cave.
It's called Green Cave because of the green light deducted from seabed. Green Cave is bigger than the Blue Cave and it is famous attraction for tourists especially for divers and nature lovers.

Green Cave on Island Ravnik Tour

Island of Brač
Island of Brač

Island of Brač is largest Dalmatian island located between Split and Hvar. It is the island of nature and beauty best known for it’s specific white stone. Island offers a lot of attractions and services if you are seeking for refreshments. Zlatni Rat Beach is definitely a must see because of it’s crystal clear water and beautiful surrounding. Special thing about this beach is that it constantly changes position and shape depending on climate, wind, currents and waves. One more site we have to include to fulfil your experience is definitely Blaca hermitage. You shouldn’t let long walk stop you from visiting it. This desert is extraordinary monument made by residents and kept this way for four centuries. It is exquisite nature’s masterpiece. f you are more into hiking you should climb Vidova gora to experience the complete view of Bol.

Island of Brač Tour

Island of Hvar
Island of Hvar

Island of Hvar carries the title of exclusive tourist destination in Croatia. It is especially known for amazing gastronomy, antique look of the city, famous monuments, beautiful beaches and nightlife. Hvar offers you a beautiful journey through it’s culture, tradition and extraordinary nature. Thanks to the mild climate and Mediterranean vegetation. There are many things to see in Hvar but you shouldn’t miss Pakleni Islands and Hvar Fortress. Incredible view will surely convince you to come back!

Island of Hvar Tour

Island of Šolta
Island of Šolta

Island of Šolta located near Split is a perfect retreat if you want to rest from crowded beaches you are already used to. Famous Šolta destinations are Donja Krušica, Nečujam, Maslinica and Stomorska. Šolta is well known for it’s precious flora and fauna. A big plus for tourists is vicinity to Split.

Island of Šolta Tour

Čiovo island
Čiovo island

Čiovo island located in central Dalmatia consists of several villages. Čiovo is connected with Trogir by a small bridge.It is great for vacation and famous for historical monuments as well as quiet beaches. One side of island is covered with forests of pines and cypress. Mild climate and a wide range of tourist services.

Čiovo island Tour