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Dalmatia: Sinj - Excursions and private tours

Dalmatia: Sinj

In the paradise of water, fields and stone rises Sinj and its rich culture and old tradition.

Sinjska alka is the traditional knight's pageant, in honour of the conquest over the Ottomans in 1715. The event takes place on the first Sunday in August. The Tilters at the Ring - (known as alkari) ride their horses down the race track at full gallop and try to hit the alka- 2 concentric rings with their 290-300 cm long spears. Hitting the central ring (srida) scores 3 points. The Alka is positioned in the centre of an outstretched rope at a height of 332 cm, counting from its centre to the ground.

Dalmatia is located (Split-Dalmatia county) in the central part of the Croatian Adriatic cost. The total territorial area is 14,045 km², of which the land surface is 4,572 km2.) Split is the most important city in Dalmatia (and main traffic crossroad, also the largest ferry port on the Croatian Adriatic coast.

From Splitkm/miles 35/22approx. 1 Hours
From Dubrovnikkm/miles 222/138approx. 3 Hours
From Zagreb km/miles 408/254approx. 4 Hours
From Zadarkm/miles 151/94approx. 1,5 Hours
From Šibenikkm/miles 82/51approx. 1 Hours

The gastronomy of Dalmatia is based on lots of fish and seafood, olive oil, cheese, smoked Dalmatian ham, and various meat dishes, 'pašticada' and 'rafijol'. Imotski gastronomic specialities are well-known cheese of the Dalmatian hinterland – the cheese and Imotski (style) cake. In Sinj you should try arambaši of Sinj (rolls of pickled cabbage leaves stuffed with chopped meat), and other delicacies, such as frogs, crayfish, the Cetina trout, the rafioli of Sinj (traditional pastry) and many other specialties typical of the Dalmatian hinterland.

All of the local attractions are provided with certificated onsite partners (guides, restaurants and other) and can be done upon your request (tailor-made).
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