NP Plitvice - Excursions and private tours

NP Plitvice - Excursions and private tours

NP Plitvice
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The Plitvice lakes National Park belongs to Dinaric karst area and due to its specific geology, geomorphology and hydrology it truly is one of the most impressive karst entities in the world. Apart from dolomitic rock, mesosoic limestones with dolomite inserts prevail. The ratio between less porous or water-retaining dolomites and porous Jurassic limestone sediments in the karst has influenced the landscape of the overall area today. Specific hydrology properties of rock have enabled water retention on Triassic dolomite rocks, as well as canyon formation by water cutting through Cretaceous limestone deposits.

From Zagreb km/miles 135/83approx. 2 Hours
From Splitkm/miles 256/159approx. 3,5 Hours
From Zadarkm/miles 210/130approx. 2 Hours
From Ljubljanakm/miles 258/160approx. 3,5 Hours
From Opatija/Rijekakm/miles 211/131approx. 3 Hours
From Dubrovnikkm/miles 635/394approx. 9,5 Hours

Upper and lower lakes


Specialties from the Lika region, prepared according to traditional recipes from local products. Ham, "basa" cottage cheese, lamb under iron cover, grilled meats, baked potatoes, trout, sour milk, the Lika fritters, and the Lika strudels made of cheese, apple or plum.

All of the local attractions are provided with certificated onsite partners (guides, restaurants and other) and can be done upon your request (tailor-made).
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