Opatija and Kvarner - Excursions and private tours

Opatija and Kvarner - Excursions and private tours

Opatija and Kvarner Bay
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Opatija is elegant tourist destination that lies at the center of the Riviera with the longest tradition of tourism in Croatia. The very attractive geographic position, enabling its warm seas to be quickly reached from many cities in Central Europe (only about 500 km from Milan, Vienna and Munich), lush green scenery and a pleasant climate were some of the main reasons for its beginning and the quick development of its tourism at the end of the 19th century and in the beginning of the 20th century. Opatija has remained in complete harmony with Nature right up until the present day. Well-maintained public gardens, the illuminated 12-km-long coastal promenade known as the "Lungomare", well-kept beaches and fountains provide a stunning backdrop for the villas and hotels that cater comfortably for up to 6,000 guests.

Due to a relatively constant temperature, from average 7-9 in the winter and 23 C in the summer, the climate in Opatija is relaxing and refreshing. The contrasts of sea and mountains, green parks and blue ocean, old buildings and modern comforts, noisy entertainment venues and quiet destinations for excursions all combine to make Opatija and its surroundings a very attractive tourist resort at any time of the year.

From Zagreb km/miles 176/109approx. 2 Hours
From Splitkm/miles 377/234approx. 5 Hours
From Zadarkm/miles 254/157approx. 4 Hours
From Ljubljana (SLO)km/miles 115/71approx. 2 Hours
From Venice (ITA)km/miles 230/142approx. 3,5 Hours
From Vienna (AUT)km/miles 498/302approx. 6 Hours
From Dubrovnikkm/miles 755/469approx. 11 Hours
From Poreč/Rovinjkm/miles 78/48approx. 1,5 Hours

Lungomare - the famous coastal promenade that stretches from Volosko to Lovran. Officially named the Franz Joseph I Promenade

Saint James Church and Park - built in 1420, as a colony of Benedictine refugees from the Friulian monastery of Saint Peter in Rožac (San Pietro di Rosazzo). Park is one the best-known motifs of Opatija and the winner of several awards for the best park in Croatia; home to a variety of plant species.

Park Angiolina and open air theatar - old part of the park domestic and exotic flora was planted between 1845 and 1860.The area in front of the Villa was in Biedermaier style with a small meadow full of various types of flowers.

Učka Nature Park - any one of the park's numerous hiking trails takes from the picturesque Mediterranean architecture of the coastal cities through the wooded slopes of Učka mountain up to its highest peak, Vojak, at a height of 1,401 meters. At the summit, a belvedere in the form of a medieval tower offers breath-taking view in all directions: the Istrian peninsula, the islands of the northern Adriatic, the mountains of Gorski kotar, Venice, the Italian Alps...

Volosko - picturesque fishing village, an inexhaustible source of inspiration to artists, and those searching for peace in the narrow lanes of the old town, or for a cup of coffee on the waterfront, in the unique atmosphere of the harbour.

Ičići, Ika and the islands of Kvarner bay – Cres, Lošinj, Krk, Rab


The Kvarner langostines (scampi), fresh from the Kvarner Gulf, wild asparagus, chestnuts and cherries from Lovran, Istrian truffles and cake Opatija's Camellia - trademark of Opatija Riviera, cake in the form of – a camellia, but the taste is... to talk about.

All of the local attractions are provided with certificated onsite partners (guides, restaurants and other) and can be done upon your request (tailor-made).
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