Croatian Cuisine

Croatian Cuisine

Croatian traditional cookbook


The aroma of traditional polenta from Lika or pasta with sour cream from Zagorje, the sweet taste of homemade corn bread, prosciutto, olives, the smell of cooked sausage with cabbage, cabbage rolls, or blood-sausages, salty sardines, Dalmatian stew, Strudel from Zagorje or pork cracklings, the smell of donuts or rožata...

Those are the flavours and frangrances that remind us of Croatia!

Many Croatian dishes were created under the influence of our neighbours, but we modified in our way. The diversity of our regions and different influences have created during the years a special and unique Croatian cuisine. We owe our gratitude to all women in our families, who left us in inheritance unforgettable aromas and flavours, which invoke memories of youth and the "old country".

We know a variety of flavours in Croatia. Some we love, some we adore... It depends on the taste! The personal taste is not to be discussed. Therefore it is impossible to judge which cuisine is better: Dalmatian, Slavonian, from Zagorje, Istrian, from Međimurje or Lika. Which is better? Strudel from Zagorje? Potato from lika? Dalmatian pasticada? Is it garlic-flavoured sausages from Samobor or Slavonian kulen sausage? Hard cheese from Lika or from island Pag?

Those are the very best representatives of an unique Croatian cuisine, which is rich in local specialties.

Croatians are pleanty eaters who like versatile food. With so many dishes and ingredients to choose from: fresh herbs, fruit and vegetables, domestic animals, game, salt, sugar, white and red wine, olive and pumpkin oil, apple vinegar... Croatian cuisine has become rich, versatile and delicious.

We should proud ourselves in our culinary treasure, share it with others so they can enjoy them as well.

As a proof that Croatians truly enjoy their national cuisine, we use two different dinning greetings to share with everyone seated at the dining table their well-wishing for a good meal.

Dobar tek (Bon appetit) or U slast (enjoy)!

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