Chauffeured Service

The Pro-Travel Chauffeur Service Difference

When we decided to provide limousine service, our goal was to create the very best chauffeur experience in Croatia. More than just using a luxury car or minivan – being driven by a professional, experienced chauffeur is all about understanding that in our hurly-burly world, private time also needs to be private pleasure.

The Pro-Travel Chauffeur Service

The pleasure of being warmly greeted and escorted to a car that's spotless and comfortable, with the air conditioning or heating already on.

The pleasure of knowing that a choice of beverages is already in the car if you are thirsty. And of being asked what kind of music or no music; making sure all of your luggage is accounted for and if not, making sure you don't leave without it; waiting for as long as you wish without making you feel uncomfortable if your meeting takes an hour or longer than you thought. Making sure you have the name and the private phone of your chauffeur just in case. A special stop for a spare battery, having the right foreign currency on hand in case you don't...

It's this attention to detail, simple as they may be, that makes all the difference.

On your side, at your side, the Pro-Travel difference!