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Islands of Dalmatia: Brač

The story of Dalmatian islands, story of olive-groves, vineyards, pine wood along the crystal clear sea begins in front of Split...

Split is the most important city in Dalmatia (Dalmatia is located in the central part of the Croatian Adriatic cost. The total territorial area is 14,045 km², of which the land surface is 4,572 km2.) and main traffic crossroad, also the largest ferry port on the Croatian Adriatic coast.

Island Brač was called – brenthos (deer) in Illyrian, Greeks called it Elaphusa and Bretanide which comes from the word elaphos - deer. Roman historian Polybius called it Bretia, and from the 4th century dates the Bractia, the most similar to todays Brač.

Zlatni rat is the beach situated to the west of Bol - one of the bmost beautiful Adriatic natural attractions - extended for 400 metres into the sea and is a result of accumulation of small stones from Vidova gora, the highest peak of the Adriatic islands. Zlatni rat's tip continuously changes its form depending on waves and streams.


FERRY FROM SPLIT approx. 1 Hour
SPEED BOAT approx. 30 min.




Brački vitalac - dish prepared of the lamb innards.
Sir iz mišine (cheese ripened in the skin of lamb)
Bolski cviti and dormouse.

All of the local attractions are provided with certificated onsite partners (guides, restaurants and other) and can be done upon your request (tailor-made).
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