Baroque gastro tour to Trakoscan

Experience Croatian Zagorje, and visit the historical site – the castle Trakoscan

Croatian Zagorje is known as the green gem of Croatia, together with astonishing nature, this part of the country is well known for its delicacies such as štrukle, turkey with mlinci, various traditional sweets, etc. Trakošćan Castle was built in the 13th century and was originally a small medieval castle.

Castle Trakošćan's cultural heritage, is protected as a historical entity, which consists of the castle, the building next to the castle, park and forest park with a lake. Today the castle is one of the few facilities in Croatia with preserved its own constitution, historically closely related to the architectural framework and the life of its owners.
Trakošćan was built in the late 13th century, and according to legend, Trakoscan was named after the Thracian fortress (ARX Thacorum) which allegedly existed in antiquity. Another preserved legend says, it is named after the knights Drachenstein who in the early Middle Ages, ruled the region.
In 1954 the museum was established with a permanent exhibition. Today the castle is owned by the Republic of Croatia.

Then we continue our trip to Varaždin.-

Within the relatively small area of the Old Town are preserved palaces, important public buildings, Baroque, Rococo, Classicist and Secessionist houses and villas and one of the oldest City Halls in Europe. The richness of the religious heritage tells another story about Varaždin as a city of bell towers which its inhabitants have strived for centuries to build. The angels that adorn alters, walls and paintings will appreciate every glance they receive. Varaždinska feudal fortress, from ancient times called Old Town, the most important historical buildings of Varazdin. It is the center of aristocratic estate, owner and legally separate from the free royal town of Varaždin.

Traditional Varaždin cuisine was influenced by Austria and Hungary, but during historical migrations other modifications and innovations that enriched it were introduced. Traditional dishes from the Varaždin area generally consist of a few simple ingredients, of which the most commonly used is wheat and corn flour in the famous Varaždin "klipič", "mlinci", "štrukli" and "zlevanka".

In order to enjoy typical delicacies, you will taste the best of Zagorje cuisine at the national restaurant "Zlatne gorice" at Gornji Kneginec. Along with the most tasteful dishes of Zagorje, you will try the wine sorts of this area.

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