Airport transfers in Croatia

Airport transfers from Zagreb's Pleso Airport

Our company is one of the first in Zagreb and Croatia that started to provide airport transfer from and to Zagreb Airport, offering clients 24/7 service. Zagreb's airport, called Pleso, will soon be undergoing a major transformation to make it one of the most modern in Europe.

Airport Transfer Zagreb

From Zagreb Airport Pleso it's a pleasant 30 minutes drive to the center of Zagreb.

We provide transfers every day to all the destinations from Zagreb airport Pleso, for example;
- to Ljubljana - feel free to send us e-mail or just call. Transfer to Ljubljana will take two hours - or less. If you think that is more convenient for your business or privat trip flight via Zagreb - we will take you to Ljubljana in less then 2 hours of pleasant drive.
- to Zadar you will get in less then 3 hours.
- to Split from Zagreb airport will be less then 4 hours - pleasant drive along the best highways in Europe passing by beautiful scenery.

You just have to send us number of your flight and we will get you to any of our neighborhood city, airports or your final leisure destination - like Pula/Istria, and Venice/Italy or Wien/Austria, Budapest/Hungary or Belgrade/Serbia.

Our mission is to provide you the best luxury transport service in Croatia...and much more.

All of our drivers/chauffeurs are excellent English speakers and will gladly suggest how to make your visit in Zagreb or elsewhere in Croatia special. In addition to the charm of Zagreb, Croatia's coastal cities and gorgeous islands (more than 1,000!) are only a few hours away. And our national parks are stunning, like Plitvice and its unique lakes, a UNESCO World Heritage site!

Airports named after famous Croatians

Despite being born here in Croatia, the Venetians were so inspired by Marco Polo (originally from Korčula, a beautiful island south of Dalmatia--you won’t find this in Wikipedia!) they named their airport after him (400 km from Zagreb)! Another airport named after a very well known Croat (from his mother's side) is Nikola Tesla, born and raised in Croatia. An electrical engineer, physicist and futurist, Tesla is famous as the inventor of alternating current, he actually worked with Edison and is credited by many as also being the real inventor of the light bulb and many other "firsts". The airport named after him is in Belgrade-400 km away from Pleso.

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